Brand new formatting & inline images for notes  🎉

Our team recently set out to build a brand new editor for you to use when capturing ideas, requests, feedback, and formal user research on your Insights board.

  • New formatting toolbar: Headlines, bold/italic, nested lists, and more!
  • New formatting shortcuts: Capture inputs faster with formatting shortcuts.
  • Inline images: Paste images directly into note descriptions.
  • No more edit mode for manual notes: Edit and format text, then highlight a user insight. All your changes are automatically saved. No more switching in and out of edit mode.
  • Preserved formatting when you copy/paste out of popular text editors: Including OneNote and Evernote, as well as many others.
  • Ongoing markdown support: Add an h1 (#) h2 (##) or bulleted list ( - )

New formatting toolbar

A new toolbar allows you to apply text formatting:

  • Big headlines (h1)
  • Smaller headlines (h2)
  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Numbered list (with support for multiple levels!)
  • Bullet point list (with support for multiple levels!)

New keyboard shortcuts for text formatting

  • Big headlines h1:  (CMD + Option + 1  |  CTRL + ALT + 1)
  • Smaller headlines h2:  (CMD + Option + 2  |  CTRL + ALT + 2)
  • Bold:  (CMD + B |  CTRL + B )
  • Italics:  (CMD + I  |  CTRL + I)
  • Underline:  (CMD + U  |  CTRL + U)
  • Strike-through: (CMD + Option + X  |  CTRL + ALT + X)

Inline images

Copy & paste images or image URLs directly into note descriptions! 🌅

Preserved formatting when you copy & paste

It just works.

Ongoing markdown support

Sometimes markdown is still the fastest way to format. Other times, you want to copy/paste text with markdown syntax already applied. Either way we've got you covered.

  • Big headlines h1:   #
  • Smaller headlines h2:  ##
  • Bold:   **boldword** or __boldword__
  • Italic:   *italicword* or _italicword_
  • Strike-through:   ~~strickenword~~
  • Blockquote:   > 
  • code:   ` code (followed by another accent grave)
  • code block:  ``` code (followed by another three accents graves)
  • horizontal line:  --- 
  • bullet point list item:  -
  • numbered list item:  1.

See what's coming next...

Similar formatting options for feature descriptions coming soon!

See ideas we're still considering, learn what's planned, and see everything we've recently launched on productboard's Product Portal. 🌟

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