If you use Pivotal Tracker to track feature development, you’ll find it handy to integrate your Pivotal instance with productboard. Your engineering team can continue managing their development pipeline in Pivotal while product managers enjoy the flexibility of productboard for understanding user needs, prioritizing what to build next, and rallying eveyone around the roadmap.

Summary of benefits

  • productboard's two-way Pivotal Tracker integration allows you to push your productboard features and requirements into Pivotal Tracker and get status changes back.
  • Customize whether productboard features map to Pivotal stories or epics.
  • Use auto-generated links to quickly navigate from a Pivotal Tracker issue to a productboard feature (or vice versa).

Step I: Get Pivotal Tracker API key

  1. In Pivotal Tracker, in the upper right, click your name > Profile
  2. Scroll all the way down and create new API token, unless you have one already.
  3. Copy the API token to your clipboard.

Step II. Set up Pivotal Tracker integration

  1. In productboard, in the upper right, click profile > Integrations
  2. Click Add new Pivotal Tracker integration.
  3. Paste in the API Token.
  4. Choose a Pivotal Tracker project into which you wish to push your features.
  5. Mapping: determine whether productboard features will be represented as Pivotal stories or epics. 
  6. Click Enable.

Entity mappings

When you map productboard features to Pivotal stories, productboard components become Pivotal epics

When you map productboard features to epics, productboard components are not pushed to Pivotal.

Step III. Push productboard features into Pivotal Tracker

  1. On the Features board, click Tasks in the column configurations bar (at right).
  2. Toggle on the Pivotal Tracker Task column.
  3. Find the feature you'd like to push to Pivotal Tracker and click Push in the Pivotal Tracker Task column.

Deleting the integration

You can always deactivate the integration or simply delete the special Pivotal Tracker Task column.

Current limitations

  • It's not yet possible to import stories/epics from Pivotal Tracker into productboard.
  • Should the Owner of your Integrations change, contact us to reset your Integration permissions on our end with the new owner.
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