If you use GitHub Issues to track feature development, you’ll appreciate being able to push prioritized features straight from productboard. Your engineering team can continue managing their development pipeline in GitHub while product managers enjoy the flexibility of productboard for understanding user needs, prioritizing what to build next, and rallying eveyone around the roadmap.

Summary of benefits

With the GitHub integration, you can automatically sync the following fields between productboard and GitHub:

  • name
  • description
  • feature tag/label
  • status (open/closed)

Any change to these fields in GitHub will be reflected in productboard in real-time.

Setting up your GitHub integration

To set up the GitHub integration, users must have the admin user role in productboard and repository admin role in GitHub.

  1. From the accounts menu (lower left), select Integrations, then select the [+] icon beside GitHub. 
  2. Select authorize.
  3. Use the dropdown to select the correct repository associated with your GitHub account.
  4. Decide whether feature tags in productboard should sync with GitHub labels.

Pushing features to GitHub

When a feature is ready for development, push it into GitHub in one of several ways:

  • Select the feature's name to open its details in the side pane. Beside GitHub select Push.
  • Add the special GitHub task column to your board (using column configuration bar at right). Select the Push button that appears alongside the feature in question.

When features are pushed to GitHub, the productboard URL will automatically be added to the issue.

In productboard, you can click the Task status of a feature that has been pushed to GitHub to navigate to that issue.

Multiple Repositories

If you have multiple GitHub repositories, you can create multiple integrations.

For each integration, a new Task column will automatically be created.
Rename each integration via the Task column--> Settings so you can keep them all straight!


The markdown you add to feature descriptions in productboard will be reflected in GitHub as well.

Here's what this example looks like in GitHub Issues:

Troubleshooting GitHub

Q: When I push a feature from productboard to GitHub, nothing happens... but it works for my colleague. What's going on here?

A: The user who set up the integration in productboard has to be a GitHub repository owner or organization admin.

Current limitations

  • It is not yet possible to import GitHub issues into productboard as features using this integration. However, it is possible to use Zapier for a one-time import.
  • It is not yet possible to link productboard features with existing GitHub issues. Links can only be made by pushing features from productboard to GitHub.
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