👋 Try out the new Prioritization matrix in Labs (admins)

So you've built an initiative around features that support a common objective... what next? Use the Prioritization matrix to decide each feature's final priority within the initiative by evaluating its value to the initiative versus effort required to bring it to life.

Introducing the Prioritization matrix

Once you nominate a feature to an initiative on the Features board, you can determine it's final priority within the initiative in the new Prioritization matrix!

Within the matrix, you can toggle between different initiatives to see the features that have been nominated to it:

Next, use the matrix to structure the exercise of defining the final priority of each feature.

  1. Drag features vertically to indicate their value to the initiative's success.
  2. Drag features horizontally to indicate estimated effort.
  3. Reference the bubble size, representing the feature's User impact score.
  4. Set the feature's final priority within the initiative by selecting its bubble and then Must-have, Should-have, or Nice-to-have. That will update the color of the bubble for your reference (red, orange, yellow).

To remove a feature from the Matrix, just remove it from the initiative you're currently viewing by setting its priority to Not set.

That's it! Back on the Features board, you can now filter/sort each initiative by final feature priority.

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