If you use productboard to manage what functionality you'll add to each of several platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, webapp), screens (e.g. iPad, iPhone), or devices (e.g. Acme Consumer, Acme Pro), you'll want a way to keep track of where each feature will be made available.

How much does functionality on your platforms, screens, or devices overlap?

In many cases, much of the functionality going to each platform, screen, or device will be the same, with only some deviations that need to be tracked.

Significant overlap in functionality

Here it's best to use a custom column to indicate where the feature will be made available:

Use column filtering to see those features intended for one platform only:

You can create such a custom column under MISC. >> Add New Custom Column >> Dropdown:

Less overlap in functionality

In cases where there's less overlap in functionality, it may be preferred to use productboard "products" to distinguish features intended for each platform/screeen/device.

If a feature will be delivered to one platform only it can go in that product.

If it will be delivered to all platforms, add it to a generic product containing features for all platforms. This may be preferred to duplicating the feature, as doing so mutliples the effort required to manage the feature in productboard.

You can use the Product filter to show only those features to be delivered to a certain platform.

Note that productboard is currently optimized for managing a single release train (schedule) in a given productboard project. However, if you have multiple release trains (e.g. features being released to different platforms at different intervals) you can show just the releases that pertain to the platform you manage using saved views.

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