With productboard, you can visualize which features matter to which people (end users) and which customer companies, based on insights that have been linked to feature ideas.

The Company columns that you can display on your Features board display a breakdown of the User impact score for a given feature, attributable to the customer company or to people who have been assigned as members of the company.

Manually assign people to companies

There are several ways to manually add a person to a company.

When creating a new note on the Insights board, you can add a person to a company in the Said by field.

From here, you can also select a person's name to access their details. These are the same details that show when you select the header of a people column.

From here you can specify what company the person is a member of.

Automatically assign people to companies

productboard can also automatically assign people to companies by matching the domain of the company URL with the domain of the people's email addresses.

  • If you enter the email for a person, they will be assigned as a member of any company with a matching domain.
  • If you enter the domain for a company, then all people with a matching email domain (and not already assigned to a company) will be assigned to the company.

Note: The emails for people may be automatically detected if their feedback is sent to the Insights board via forwarded email, Zendesk, or Intercom.

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