Now that you're up to speed on the basics, all that remains is a small investment to get data into productboard and customize your project.

1. Import existing research & feedback

Let the great consolidation begin! Get your user research & feedback in one place so you can begin spotting trends. What do users really need?

Review best practices

Import user inputs from a spreadsheet

  • Use the CSV/Excel importer to upload user feedback, feature requests, and ideas from a spreadsheet. (This can also be useful for one-time imports of user feedback you have saved in other systems, but that could be exported to CSV.)

Set up integrations

Add recent feature requests to the Insights board

  • In the app, add recent feature requests and feedback using the [+] icon on the Insights board to create a new note.

2. Set up your Features board

Review best practices

Add your feature ideas

  • On the Features board, use the [+] icon to paste a list of feature ideas from a spreadsheet.
  • Set up a one-time import to bring JIRA issues into productboard as new features.
  • Use Zapier to import a large number of feature ideas from another system.
  • On the Features board, use the [+] icon to manually add some recent feature ideas.

Organize your features board

  • Outline the product/component hierarchy you'll use to categorize feature ideas.
  • Add your top feature ideas. If they were inspired by user feedback, add a summary of this feedback directly into the feature's details.
  • Define drivers & initiatives that best embody the objectives you have for your product.
  • Add columns that represent criteria your team already uses to prioritize features.
  • Add columns that offer useful context to help your teammates understand each feature and who's responsible for it.

3. Organize your Releases

Set up your Releases in the Features board

4. Customize project settingsΒ 

From the main menu (lower left), admins can toggle on/off various features from Settings depending on your team's needs.

Navigate to Labs to explore the latest beta functionality by enabling it for just yourself, or your entire team. Don't forget to send us your feedback!

5. Invite users to your project

Now that your productboard project is set up, you're ready to get some colleagues involved!

Under the account menu, click Team Management to manage existing project members and invite new ones. (admins only)

  • Learn about the different productboard user roles
  • Invite colleagues into your project as contributors to submit valuable user insights
  • Invite colleagues from across your organization into your project as roadmap viewers

6. Validate your ideas

Share your plans

  • Set up your portal and validate your ideas as well as collect new insights from your users.

That's it. You're good to go! 🏁

If you still have questions, we're here to entertain them (and you) with helpful tips and morale-boosting emojis. πŸŒ„ Just say hi by chatting us on Intercom.

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