From speaking with hundreds of product managers over the years, we've learned that the best product teams are successful on several fronts:

  1. Understanding what features users really need
  2. Confidently prioritizing what to build next based on clear criteria
  3. Rallying everyone around the roadmap
  4. Engaging the customer community

But today, many PMs are still stuck straddling a number of silo'd solutions to carry out these critical job responsibilities.

  1. User feedback lands in email inboxes, Evernotes, support ticket management platforms, NPS tools, feature request forums, and CRMs. They collect user research in spreadsheets, survey tools, and Google docs.
  2. Feature ideas are captured and prioritized in spreadsheets or project management tools like Asana or JIRA.
  3. Roadmaps are manually designed in Excel or PowerPoint.
  4. Customer relationships are considered solely the responsibility of customer success or account management.

We PMs need a better way to manage the complex decisions at the center of our job.

And we need to do it in a way that provides transparency, fosters collaboration, and encourages alignment with the broader product team and helps us earn buy-in from rest of the org.

Our team has long felt that if only we had a dedicated solution for product management, we'd all have a better chance of shipping excellent products.

That's why we built productboard.

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