There are several ways to monitor the status of a feature in productboard. Below we'll explore the benefits of each so you'll know which to use when.

Feature status

The primary way to monitor a feature's status is through the colored indicator beside its name, which you can hover over to verify the phase a feature is in.

⭐️ This is best for keeping track of linear phases of prioritizing, planning, and delivering a feature – phases that most every feature shares in common. ⭐️

Select the icon to set a new status for the feature:

Or select a feature to open its details, and at the bottom of the details pane advance the feature to the next sequential status.

Zero in on a certain phase in the feature delivery lifecycle...

Filter your Features board to show just features of a certain status (e.g. filter out features in the "New idea" state to focus on features that are serious candidates).

On the Features board you can also choose to view your board by feature status, effectively turning it into a vertical kanban board. Drag and drop features between status groupings to change their status.

We recommend customizing the status values in your project to match your team's workflow.

Task columns

Another way to monitor a feature's progress toward delivery is using the Task columns. 

Task columns are helpful for managing the prerequisite tasks that must be carried out before work begins on a feature, or before it gets launched. Such Tasks could include mock-ups, a prototype, release notes, or marketing collateral. 

⭐️ Such tasks may not be required for all features and may be carried out in parallel, often by different teammates (e.g. prototype / documentation). ⭐️

Like all column types, Task columns can be shown or hidden from the boards using the configuration bar (see screen right).

A special type of Task column allows you to push features into agile planning tools like JIRA, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, and GitHub, and track development status right from within productboard:

Such special Task columns become available as soon as you enable a new integration with a planning tool.

Task columns are especially helpful for making sure nothing falls through the cracks as you prepare to begin working on a feature (are final designs ready yet?) or launch (is marketing collateral finalized?).

What's falling through the cracks? Where am I blocked?

At any given time, you can filter your board to see just those features with a certain value in a particular Task column – for example, Final designs is blocked. By surveying the features in the upcoming release that have this Task status value, we can make sure this task gets unblocked before there are any further delays.

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