If you're on a customer-facing team like customer success, marketing, sales, or business development, chances are you continuously hear user feedback and feature requests from the front lines. It's the kind of stuff that would prove valuable for the product team... if only they had access to it!

Sure, you could relay it by stopping by a PM's desk, chasing them down in the hall, or stopping them on the way down to lunch, but there's a better way to alert product while maximizing the chance they'll be able to put your valuable insights to use.

With the productboard extension for Chrome, you can capture interesting observations, requests, and feedback when you hear it, and send it to the product team for review.

Heads up! Anyone can download the Chrome extension, but you'll need to have the contributor or maker role in productboard to use it. (It is not available to viewers or contributors with access limited to the Roadmap.)

Here's how it works:

Get started with the extension

If you've already been invited to productboard, you're ready to begin submitting valuable user insights.

  1. Install the productboard extension on the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Verify that in (right click) productboard extension settings > Options that your URL for your workspace is entered, preceded by https://
  3. Highlight text on any webpage (including web apps like Intercom), select the extension icon in your browser’s toolbar, and submit the insight. 
  4. Select the extension icon without highlighting any text to write or paste user insights free-form.
  5. After entering the user who provided the feedback, see what features they've already requested, right in the extension.
  6. Add a tag to help categorize this user insight in productboard.
  7. In the productboard app, visit the Insights board to find the insights you and your teammates have submitted. Here you can link insights you've submitted to related feature ideas. That way, your teammates on product, design, and engineering will be able to retrieve them when they're working on certain feature ideas.
  8. You can also @mention a colleague to start a discussion. If you assign a note you've created to another teammate, they'll be notified.

Current limitations: 

  • The Chrome extension will not open on blank tabs

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