In addition to the Individual plan, productboard offers additional premium features on the Team, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Team plan

Jira on-demand integration

Take advantage of productboard for consolidating feedback, prioritizing features, and roadmapping while your engineering team continues to use Jira for managing delivery. This two-way integration allows you to push productboard features into Jira and track their status right from within productboard. You can also import Jira issues into productboard as new features. More info

Competitor tracking

Consider how important each feature idea is for remaining competitive in the marketplace with a special Competitor column type. More info

Google Apps SSO enforcement

If a colleague leaves your company, can you ensure they'll no longer have access to your roadmap and other sensitive product information? By enforcing Google Apps SSO you can. More info

Advanced prioritization with matrix

Use the drag 'n drop interactive matrix to evaluate each feature's value versus effort estimate. More info

Prioritization drivers & score

Use drivers to represent the prioritization criteria of your choice and aggregate their values into a single custom-weighted score. More info

Custom fields

Define custom number, text, dropdown, or URL fields. You can also create a custom field that accepts workspace members as a value, perfect for assigning features to specific teammates. More info

Private views

Share saved views of your boards with individual workspace members.

Multiple Portals

Create multiple Portals for different products, or for sharing with different audiences.

Business plan

Multiple release groups

Define different sets of releases to represent different teams' release schedules. Or use one release group for more granular delivery releases and another to represent broad time horizons you can display on your roadmap. More info

Multiple email integrations

Create additional email integrations to generate additional email addresses where feedback can be forwarded. Specify the tags that will be auto-applied to notes arriving by way of each address. More info

Multiple Jira integrations

Create multiple Jira integrations to integrate the same productboard workspace with several Jira instances, or to be able to push the same feature/subfeature to multiple projects/instances. More info

Enterprise plan

Multiple workspaces

Manage different products or product lines in completely separate productboard environments but easily toggle between them.

Product-specific fields

When you're managing multiple products out of the same productboard workspace, associate certain data fields with specific products (and not others) so you and your colleagues can focus on just the prioritization and planning data that matters to their features. More info

Customizable field sharing settings

When you’re in the early stages of prioritization and planning, you may wish to keep certain fields private, or share only with other makers. This ensures others invited into productboard as contributors will only be able to access the product data that’s ready to be shared. More info

Jira on-premise integration

Integrate productboard with your on-premise Jira integration. More info

Data encryption at rest

productboard always encrypts data in motion to prevent unauthorized access. For the utmost security, data encryption at rest further protects data stored on the database.

IP address whitelisting

Limit productboard access to just those users with specific IP addresses.

Remove productboard branding from Portal

  • Conceal "powered by productboard" logo
  • Remove productboard from verification emails (though emails will still be sent from productboard)

More info

For more info on all plans, please refer to productboard's pricing page.

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