As with many of the columns productboard offers on the Features board, the competitor columns ultimately help you answer the question what should I build next? 

Specifically, competitor columns help you consider to what extent would building this feature help me compete with competitor X, Y, or Z?

While we wouldn't recommend blindly feature-matching your competitors, considering how well their solutions meet the needs of prospective users (in relation to your own) can be a helpful way to ensure your product excels in the marketplace.

Enabling competitor columns

Competitor columns are available on productboard's Team plan and can be enabled by a project administrator.

Using competitor columns

When scoring each feature along a competitor column you may need to consider a few different factors:

  • How important the need is that this feature addresses... (If your target users don't have a need for it, it doesn't matter if competitor X has it! It won't effectively help you compete with them.)
  • How marketable the feature is... (In your industry, is this feature considered tablestakes? Do prospects come to you demanding it? Are analysts in your industry saying it's must-have functionality?)
  • How well the competitor addresses that need today relative to your product. (If the competitor doesn't have this functionality, mark a feature very important if beating them to market would give you a strong advantage. If the competitor does have this functionality, rate a feature very important if reaching feature parity is critical for remaining competitive.)
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