This feature can now be enabled in Labs, available for customers on the Team/Startup plan and higher.

With productboard's release-based and status-based roadmaps, you’ve been able to group features into discrete columns. Now you can visualize your roadmaps on a continuous timeline! Visualize exactly when you'll be working on and releasing new features.

These new types of roadmaps will help you see what’s being worked on sequentially, or at the same time, and what’s expected to be delivered when. Timeline roadmaps are best for planning with your team, especially when aligning on dependencies and team allocation.

When sharing roadmaps with the rest of your organization, timeline roadmaps may or may not be the right choice for your team. We recommend being wary of appearing to commit to specific release dates too far in advance. It risks disappointing colleagues but also puts pressure on the team to deliver something (anything!) by the specified date. In an Agile environment, it's preferred to have the leeway to adapt to new learnings along the way — adjusting scope/timeframe to ensure the right thing gets delivered. Of course, each product organization's situation is different, so it's up to you how you put productboard's timeline roadmaps to use.

Adding features

You can add existing features directly to your roadmap or create new ones on the fly.

Drag and drop features to adjust their order or sequence in time. Adjust their endpoints to signify their duration and when they might be worked on.

All subfeatures associated with a feature will appear beneath it on the roadmap. (Subfeatures can all be toggled on/off your roadmap at any time from the roadmap settings dropdown.)

To add subfeatures directly to a feature, ensure subfeatures are configured to appear on the roadmap. Then select the + icon beside a feature's name on hover.

Group Features into swimlanes

You can group your features into custom swimlanes representing team, platform, product, theme, or some other form of categorization.

Add a swimlane by hovering over the column immediately to the left of the roadmap, then select the + icon that appears.

Limitation: At the moment any swimlanes you create must be manually recreated in each view you'd like them to appear on.


You can now filter the features appearing on your timeline roadmap. Filters can be used to remove features already added to the roadmap if they do not meet the filter criteria, but filters cannot be used to add new features to the roadmap. Filters also do not impact swimlanes.


Dependencies cannot yet be visualized on this style of roadmap.

Current limitations

  • Subfeatures beneath features cannot be planned in time.
  • It is not yet possible to sync a feature's start/end dates with Jira.

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