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As the number of user insights flowing into productboard increases, you'll need scalable systems to review and categorize them efficiently. Collections can help by grouping related notes on the Insights board so they can be efficiently triaged, processed, or retrieved at a later time. The end result is more user insights on hand to inform feature prioritization and design.

How collections work

Collections act like smart folders that can be defined by a set of filters. Alternatively, think of them like saved views for your Insights board!

For example, you could create a collection called Unassigned in Inbox to help you zero in on notes that still need to be triaged and assigned to a product manager for processing. To define this collection you could use the filters [ Note Owner is Unassigned ] and [ Status is Unprocessed ].

More note collection examples:

  • Critical recent feedback — Insight importance is critical and note creation date is from the last 30 days
  • Customer support — Note source is Intercom
  • Portal feedback — Note source is Portal
  • Recent feedback — Note date is from the last 7 days
  • Customer success — Note owners include CSM A or CSM B or CSM C...
  • Beta feature feedback — Notes tagged beta and owner is me

Note: When you apply multiple filters on your Insights board to define a collection, only notes that meet all filter criteria will be displayed.

Creating collections

Makers and admins can create new collections. Contributors can access collections that have already been created.


  1. On the Insights board, create a new collection with the [+] icon beside Collections.

2. Apply some filters to zero in on a set of notes.

3. In the upper right, look for the Save button to update your collection to include these filters. (If you add additional filters later you'll also have the option of saving as a new view or discarding those changes to revert to the last saved view.)

4. Rename or delete a collection using the menu beside its name. Here you can also toggle between keeping it private for you and sharing it with other members of your workspace.

New filters on the Insights board

With collections rolling out, it seemed like the perfect time to unveil new filters you can use to define them!

You can now filter notes by title, content, status, processed by, created by, followed by, insight importance, user segment, and hierarchy. You can also now filter for notes with no tag applied.

Learn more about all the latest Insights board filters.

What's next for the Insights board

Keep an eye out for additional new capabilities for larger organizations in the months ahead, including product folders to segment notes arriving for different products, as well as automation rules that help automatically route high volumes of incoming feedback to the right place.

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