We are thrilled to announce a new beta program — Insights Collections — to help speed up your feedback processing.

Collections are like smart folders on the Insights boards that are defined by a set of filters, allowing you to easily find certain types of notes.

For example, you could create a collection called "Unassigned in Inbox" based on the filters: 

  • Note Owner is Unassigned
  • Status is Unprocessed

More note collection examples:

  • Customer support — Note source is Intercom
  • Portal feedback — Note source is Portal
  • Recent feedback — Note date is from within the last 7 days
  • Customer success — Note owners include [CSM A or CSM B or CSM C...]
  • Beta feature feedback — Notes tagged beta AND owner is [me]

Creating collections

Collections work similarly to saved views on the Features board and Roadmap. Here's how to get started.


1. Start by creating a new collection with the [+] icon.

2. Apply some filters to zero in on a set of notes.

3. In the upper right, look for the Save button to update your collection to include these filters. (If you add additional filters later you'll also have the option of saving as a new view or discarding those changes to revert to the last saved view.)

4. Rename or delete a collection using the menu beside its name. Here you can also toggle between keeping it private for you and sharing it with other members of your workspace.

Taking part in the beta

We are looking for productboard customers that are on the Team plan or higher and are actively using the Insights board. We will create a dedicated Slack channel in the productleaders Slack community for participants and will provide more detailed information there.

What's next for collections

We expect collections to be available on the new Business plan and higher. In the months ahead you can also expect more updates to improve your feedback organization and collaboration thanks to 10 new filtering options (coming soon!), dedicated folders for each product, and inbox automation rules.

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