A new inbox for you

Here are a few changes you'll find on your Insights board today:

  • The new My inbox contains the notes you own and are responsible for processing.
  • The Inbox is now called the Shared inbox and still shows all unprocessed notes.
  • You'll find a new folder of notes you're Following.
  • We've removed the Archived folder since it's so rarely used, but you can access these notes by filtering All notes. Filters are now found at the top of your page.

Who will process it?

When you come across a note your colleague should process, assign them ownership so it shows up in their personal inbox. You can also claim ownership of notes that you will be processing in the same way.

Coming soon to the Insights board

The updates above are the first of a series of enhancements for helping your team manage incoming feedback and collaboratively identify valuable user insights.

Here's what's coming next:

New Gainsight integration

Using Gainsight PX to track user behavior in your application, drive product adoption, and collecting user feedback?

Now you can use a Gainsight in-app feedback widget to collect ideas, requests, and feedback from users and route them straight into your productboard Insights board.

If you're already using Gainsight, configure your Knowledge Center Bot to accept feature requests. Then head over to productboard integration settings.

Learn more: Setting up the Gainsight integration

Export roadmap to PNG

You can now export your roadmap to a one-page .png file. 

As an alternative to zooming & screenshotting or exporting ("printing") to PDF, this is yet another way to share your product plans with stakeholders outside productboard or for adding to presentations.

An export date is included in the footer of the PNG to help users verify they're looking at the most recent export.

This capability is not available for Microsoft Edge at this time.

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