When considering how to share your plans with colleagues and customers, you may be weighing the benefits of the Roadmap and the Portal. 

Here we'll walk through the unique benefits of each.

The Roadmap is the best way to share more detailed plans internally.

  • Visualization that updates automatically based on your release plans 
  • Best for sharing plans internally w/ colleagues invited into productboard
  • Create and share multiple roadmaps (saved views) that always stay up-to-date
  • Colleagues can comment/@mention on features
  • Colleagues can submit insights on features on behalf of customers
  • Export to PDF or PNG

The Portal is the best way to validate ideas and plans with customers as well as colleagues.

  • Visualization that you update manually
  • Validate ideas you’re still considering by collecting votes & feedback
  • Share what’s planned and what you’ve recently launched
  • Collect votes, feedback, and source new ideas from customers
  • Collect votes and feedback from colleagues who can vote on behalf of customers
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