Review the basics

Set up a basic feature hierarchy

Using products and components, set up a basic feature hierarchy. This will help you keep your backlog manageable and organized.

Products are useful for separating features into separate swimlanes on the Roadmap.

Components act like folders for organizing features by user need or product area. They can be nested many levels deep. (Best to start simple and add additional subcomponents as needed!)

You can filter your Features board or Roadmap by product or by component and capture these settings as a saved view that you can return to at any time. This is helpful for zeroing on the product or area of the product you care about most.

Import features from Jira

  1. On the Jira integration settings page (Integrations > Jira), authorize the integration.
  2. Under One-time import, use JQL to filter for a subset of issues you'd like to pull into productboard.
  3. Select the issues to import and where in your feature hierarchy (product/ component) to place these new features.

đŸ’¡Consider importing Jira issues in batches – one batch for each component in productboard. Doing so will allow you easily place all incoming issues in the correct component. (If you opt not to do this you can always bulk-move features later by multi-selecting features on the Features board.)

Import features from spreadsheets

productboard supports basic copy/paste import of features from a spreadsheet. This tool supports importing the feature name/description, but no other fields at this time.

On the Features board, select [+], then Paste List of Features.

Import features from Google sheets or other web-based solutions using Zapier

Use Zapier to create simple rules-based workflows. Based on a trigger you define, on a one-time or ongoing basis, data can be sent into productboard in the form of new feature ideas.

Capture recent feature ideas in productboard

  1. On the Features board, use the [+] icon to manually add some recent feature ideas, or hover over a product/component and select the [+] icon that appears to add underlying features.
  2. Organize features by dragging and dropping them to a new position in the hierarchy.
  3. Organize features in bulk by multi-selecting features and then using the Hierarchy dropdown to move them all to a new product/component.

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