Introducing product-specific fields

If you manage multiple products out of the same productboard project, chances are good that certain fields used for feature prioritization don’t relate to every product. To ensure each teammate can focus on the fields most relevant to them, makers can associate fields with specific products.

Fields that can be associated with specific products:

  • Release groups
  • Drivers
  • Custom fields (including text, number, dropdown, project member)
  • Prioritization scores
  • Tasks (including those for Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, and Github integrations)

Once you've associated each field with a product (or several!), you'll only see those fields when that product is filtered on to your current view.

This feature is available on the Enterprise Plan.

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Link features to existing Jira issues

You now have the option of linking productboard features to existing Jira issues.

This option can be found using the same workflow as though you were pushing a feature into Jira. After selecting Link to Existing, you'll then be presented with the following steps:

  1. Find the existing Jira issue by pasting Jira ID or using JQL.
  2. Where associated data fields conflict (e.g. the feature and issue each have their own description), decide which to keep and which to overwrite.

Everything else works the same as pushing a feature into Jira as a new issue.

Support for Jira next-gen

Jira next-gen projects are a new Jira project type and they are now fully supported by productboard! Next-gen projects are more streamlined than traditional projects and also bring some limitations you should be aware of. It's possible these will be less of an issue in time as Atlassian continues to develop this new project type. We'll do our best to stay on top of these developments!

Bulk invite project members

A new option in Team Management allows makers with admin access to bulk invite colleagues to productboard. If you need to invite users of different user roles this can be done in batches, one user role at a time.

Bulk update task fields

It's now possible to multiselect several features and then update their status for a given task (e.g. Release notes = Planned).

Such bulk updates are also available for moving features in the hierarchy, and updating their status, release, segment, driver values, objective values, and owner, as well as for deleting them, archiving them, or converting them all to subfeatures.

To multiselect features, select the icon to the left of their name.

Return to where you left off

Now when you navigate between boards, your scroll location is remembered. This is especially helpful if you were focusing on a particular set of features partway down your hierarchy, or a specific note in the middle of a long list on the Insights board.

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