Manage multiple Portals in the same project

Available on the Team plan and above

You can now create multiple Portals for different products or audiences, customize their settings, and determine which features are posted to each.

  • Use additional Portals to target customer segments (like SMB vs. enterprise), showing them feature ideas that most relate to their needs.
  • Create Portals for each of several products you manage out of a single productboard project.
  • Start an internal Portal to allow colleagues on sales & customer success to add requests or provide feedback on a more comprehensive set of ideas. They can even do so on behalf of particular customers!

As usual, all ideas, requests, and feedback submitted to any Portal are routed back to your Insights board. And since the name of each note contains the name of the Portal it was sourced from, search can be used to zero in on notes arriving from a given Portal.

Create, delete, or duplicate a Portal

Makers with admin access can create a new Portal by selecting the existing Portal's name to view all Portals currently in a project. Then select Create Portal.

Duplicate or delete a Portal by selecting the menu beside its name:

Add features to multiple Portals

The same feature can be added to multiple Portals, which can be helpful if your customer-facing Portal is a subset of your internal company Portal, or if you have some features that relate to multiple customer segments.

You can review and update this information under Posted to Portals in a Portal card's details.

You can also use the new Portals column to monitor which Portals each feature has been added to (see below).

Note that it is not currently possible to customize a card's public name/description for each Portal it's been added to.

Monitor which Portals a feature has been added to

Use the Portals column to monitor which features have already been posted to one or more Portals, and which tab/subsection it's posted on for each.

Selecting Edit Portal Postings opens Portal card details in the side pane, where you can update the card's name/description and which Portals it's posted to.

You'll find the Portals column under MISC. in the field configurations bar.

Access additional information with Portal card overlay

You can now hover over a Portal card to quickly verify the status of the underlying feature/subfeature, the number of Portals this entity has been added to, and the Portal card owner.

Being able to access status is particularly helpful since Portal cards may need to be moved across subsections or tabs to reflect a change in the status of the associated feature/subfeature.

Send your ideas & feedback

Multiple Portals was one of the top-requested ideas on our team's Portal. See what else is under consideration and what's coming next!

See team productboard's Portal

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