Freeze and resize the feature column

productboard's all time top-requested feature is complete. If you requested the ability to freeze the feature column in the past, we may have let you know we were blocked by a few architectural constraints. But know that your requests were captured, analyzed, and tabulated in our team's productboard all the same. And now that's come to fruition with new functionality to manually resize the feature column in addition to automatically freezing it when you scroll horizontally. (Plus, feature column width is captured in saved views!)

Keyboard shortcut to expand/collapse all

You can now expand/collapse all groupings on the Features board or Roadmap using the keyboard shortcut c.

All groupings are supported, including By Hierarchy, By Release, By Status, and By Objectives on the Roadmap.

When features are displayed as a list, this shortcut will show/hide underlying subfeatures.

Press ? to view all of productboard's keyboard shortcuts.

Reorder objectives on the Roadmap

Makers can now drag and drop objectives to reorder them on the roadmap!

When objectives are reordered, this will immediately be reflected across all roadmap views grouped By objective. (Objective order is global, so will be consistent across all products within a productboard project.)

Custom project member field 

Use the new project member custom field to assign features to a colleague who is a fellow member of your productboard project. This could be useful for keeping track of who is responsible for a feature with regard to design, development, documentation, marketing, or product management (though this will typically be signified using the native owner field). Whatever the significance, you can update the name of each custom project member field to match.

Optionally, map the custom project member field to a custom Jira user picker field. (Just make sure the person authorizing the integration has global permission to Browse users and groups.)

Available on the Team plan and above.

Find the new project member field with the other custom fields (Features board > Field configurations bar >  MISC. > Add field).

Customize task field status values

You can now customize the status values that can be assigned to each task and the colors associated with them.

For example:

  • For a Specification task column: Req gathering, In progress, Presented, Complete
  • For a Prototype task column: Not started, Research, Design, Critique, Complete
  • For a Documentation task column: Sync w/ PM, In progress, Review, Complete

Just as before, you'll be able to filter your Features board or Roadmap board by these task status values. That makes it easy to see exactly which features in the upcoming release still require release notes!

Available on the Team plan and above.

Show insights of underlying subfeatures in feature detail

Insights linked to subfeatures now also appear in their parent feature's details (on the Insights tab, scroll down to the new Underlying insights subsection where you'll find the insights associated with each subfeature.) 

This is useful since each subfeature may be used to capture a particular subset of insights that all fall within a given topic/need. Now you have access to all those insights in one place.

Easier to copy insights from feature/user detail

It's now easier to highlight insights displayed in a feature's detail side pane so you can copy and paste them into an email, Slack message, presentation, or feature specification.

Improvements to comment editing

Previously you could undo recent comments and delete old ones. Now you can edit any of your comments. Edited will appear beside all edited comments, but we won't automatically tell them it's because you mispelled "there" as "they're" and didn't notice for 7 months.

Browser tab title improvements

Browser tabs are now named in the following way:

On the Features board and Roadmap:

  • <Saved view name> - Features | productboard
  • <Saved view name> - Roadmap | productboard

On the Insights board and Portal:

  • Insights | productboard
  • Portal | productboard

Option to show all hidden features when linking insights

When linking an insight to a related feature idea, you've long been able to toggle on Show done to display completed features in the list. This has been updated to Show hidden to show all features of a status that is hidden from boards by default. This could include other custom statuses like "Won't do" if you've opted to hide certain feature ideas that are infeasible or fall outside of your product vision by default.

More info:

Duplicate subfeatures

You can now duplicate subfeatures, as well as features that have subfeatures (in which case both the features and its subfeatures are duplicated).

Upon duplication, all feature/subfeature data will be carried over to the new entity (including any linked insights), with the exception of associated Portal cards and integration links (i.e. associated Jira issues would not be duplicated). You can opt for comments to be duplicated as well.

More info: Duplicate features

Reorder values of custom dropdown fields

Drag and drop custom dropdown field values from the details side pane.

A new way to archive and delete notes

You now archive and delete notes on the Insights board in the same way as you perform these actions for features and subfeatures – from the menu in the upper right. (We call this a kebab menu. What does your team call it?)

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