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Time sure does fly! These release notes are over a year old. They may be valuable to some as a historic record, but subsequent updates may have taken place to render content below out-of-date. For the latest articles, see our Getting Started flow and How-to articles.

First wave of product hierarchy updates 🌊

We've pulled out all the stops with our latest drag 'n drop enhancements on the Features board! The best part? There's even more on the way...

The experience should simply feel magical now. Enough said. But if you're interested in the details, here's what we've added:

  • Drag n' drop features by grabbing anywhere on the feature
  • Smooth animations when expanding/collapsing components and applying filters to help you intuitively register what's changed
  • When dragging a feature, visualize exactly where you'll be repositioning it
  • When dragging a feature, hover over components to open them
  • Animations to track feature movements when you reposition them using the hierarchy field in a feature's details pane
  • Infinite scroll and performance enhancements on the Features board

We also made some enhancements to search:

  • In search results, in addition to selecting show more to see related features outside of immediate search results, you can now multiselect these features.
  • In search results on the By Release and By Status groupings, you can now uncollapse release or status groups to "peek" at the features they contain that fall outside of the search. (You can already do this with components on the Hierarchy grouping.)

One last change!

  • Components must now belong to a product. Any rogue components living off on their own have now been moved beneath an auto-generated product – feel free to rename/remove when ready. (This is all part of our preparations for improved sharing and access controls, which will largely be based around products!)

Jira auto import enhancement

Issues automatically imported into productboard as features (previously known as Jira auto-pull) can now be added straight to a pre-specified destination product or component. See productboard's Jira settings under Auto import!

Since all features must now belong to one or more products, we may have auto-generated a temporary product for you to contain any new issues arriving from Jira. (They were previously added to Unsorted features, an entity that is no longer with us. 👋) Feel free to remove this temporary product as soon as you've updated your Jira auto import settings.

Rich text editor for features and Portal cards

Last month we added brand new text formatting capabilities to notes on the Insights board. Now you can enjoy these for feature descriptions, Portal cards, and descriptions for other fields like releases, initiatives, and segments!

What's new:

  • New formatting toolbar: Headlines, bold/italic, nested lists, and more!
  • New formatting shortcuts: Capture inputs faster with formatting shortcuts.
  • Inline images: Paste images directly into description.
  • Preserved formatting when you copy/paste out of popular text editors, including OneNote and Evernote, as well as many others.
  • Ongoing markdown support: Add an h1 (#) h2 (##) or bulleted list ( - )

Text formatting in productboard

Multiple email integrations for pre-assigning tags to incoming notes

In integration settings, you can now add multiple email integrations. For each you'll have a unique obscure email address which you can associate with one or more note tags. These will automatically be assigned to incoming emails sent to these addressses. It's a first step toward helping you route the right inputs to the right people on the Insights board.

Archive features and components

You've long been able to set features and components to a default status called "Archive" but we've now implemented proper archiving functionality.

What's new:

  • Archive a feature/component by opening its details in the side pane, then find the new "Archive" option in its menu (upper right). 
  • To temporarily restore archived entites to your board, toggle them on from the status filter.

Surface Jira ID in productboard

You can now hover over a feature's Jira status to see the ID of the associated issue. This appears in Task columns displayed on your Features board as well as in the feature details side pane.

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For all new features, or to provide feedback, see our team's Product Portal!

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