Sales, customer success, marketing – all have valuable insights for the product team based on their interactions with customers, prospects, and the market at large. But these types of inputs often remain scattered across a number of systems, like Evernote, spreadsheets, Zendesk, Intercom, CRMs, or individual PMs' inboxes.

The productboard extension for Chrome helps your colleagues capture just the most actionable insights about users, categorize them, and submit them to your Insights board. Once in productboard, these insights will help you prioritize what to build next. They'll also helps designers and developers see the context behind each feature idea they're bringing to life.

Get more insights, spend less time processing

With the extension, contributors can highlight text on any webpage or webapp (like Intercom) and submit it to productboard in two clicks.

1 ) After highlighting text and selecting the extension icon in your browser’s toolbar, add any tags, and submit the insight to productboard: 

Or, select the extension icon without highlighting any text to write or paste user insights free-form.

2 ) In the extension, contributors can see all the features already requested by a given user:

3 ) Contributors can tag user insights within the extension, or visit the I board to link insights they've created to related feature ideas:

4 ) On the I board, PMs can now see just those notes submitted by contributors: (Enable this feature in Labs)

5 ) Once they see their input linked to related feature ideas in productboard, your colleagues will know they've been heard. And you'll have that much more information when making product decisions.

Note: It is not yet possible to highlight text in Google docs and automatically load it into the extension.

Share the extension with your customer-facing colleagues

If you'll be inviting colleagues into productboard for the first time, you'll want to give them some context. Here's a starting point:


Dear [illustrious customer-facing colleague],

I'm writing to propose partnering on a new initiative that will help us better understand the most important feedback you're hearing from users, so we can put it to use when prioritizing what to build.

Since your team is on the frontlines working with prospects/customers everyday, you have a lot of information about user needs that could help the product team make better decisions and enable our designers & developers to build better features.

On top of putting your feedback to use, we'd also like to be able to offer you more insight into what the product team is working on. For example, you'll be able to see:

  • What features various users have requested in the past
  • What feature ideas we're considering based on feedback you've provided
  • What's on the roadmap, and what kinds of criteria we're using to decide what features get prioritized

Can we set up a brief meeting over the next day to discuss further?

Thank you!



Note: Users of the contributor user role can only process their own notes on the I board.

Note: Colleagues who have not been invited into your project as a contributor, editor, or admin can still submit feedback by sending emails to your project's unique address.

Log feedback faster in Intercom & Zendesk

Does your team use Intercom Respond or Zendesk to communicate with leads and customers? When you highlight text in an Intercom conversation or Zendesk support ticket, this extension automatically grabs the highlighted text and identifies who provided the feedback!

Managing multiple projects

If you have multiple productboard projects, you’ll need to specify which project insights should be sent to:

  1. Go to Chrome settings > Extensions > Options
  2. Enter the URL for your project, preceded by https://

Troubleshooting tips

If the Chrome extension is not launching, make sure third-party cookies is unchecked in Chrome settings:

In case this doesn't work as well, killing Chrome and opening it again should fix the issue.


We’re here for you. Use the in-app chat or write us at

For more information on how to install and manage Chrome extensions, check out Google's support page.

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