Integrate productboard with other tools in order to:

  • Import user inputs, requests, ideas, and research to the Insights board
  • Export feature ideas to dev planning tools
  • Track notifications (productboard project updates) in Slack

Integrations for importing user inputs to the Insights board

You can do a one-time import of new notes from a spreadsheet (Excel/CSV) by selecting Import notes on the Insights board. To automatically route notes into productboard on a regular basis, see the integrations below.

Integrate with any source of user insights or product feedback using our Notes API to consolidate it in productboard:

You can also import notes from hundreds of other apps using Zapier and Here are some examples of workflows you could create:

Integrations for pushing prioritized features into delivery

Integrate with these popular project planning tools and issue trackers to get work done, once you know what you're going to work on.

Integrations for notification tracking

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Are we missing an integration you need? Check out the integrations we're considering on our team's Portal. Submit a new idea if you don't see what you're looking for.

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