Do you receive feature requests by email? Forward them into productboard and they'll automatically be attributed to the original sender.

Looking to invite stakeholders to contribute input directly to your Insights board? Give them your workspace's unique email address and they can submit new notes to the Insights board by email. You don't even need to invite them into your productboard workspace. 

Note: If colleagues do have the contributor role in productboard, they might prefer submitting input with the productboard extension for Chrome instead. That's because it allows them to input more contextual information than is possible by email.

Find your workspace's unique email address

Makers can find a workspace's unique email address on the in-app Integrations page:

  1. In the main navigation at left, using the accounts menu, select Integrations.
  2. Scroll down and select Email integration.
  3. Take the unique address provided and save it to your address book.

Your workspace unique email is, well, unique... We use a random string to help prevent spam from showing up on your Insights board. The address isn't customizable at this time so we recommend adding it to your contacts/address book and creating an easy-to-type alias for your email client.

Setting up a Gmail/Google apps filter to auto-forward email into productboard? When adding your unique productboard address as a Forward Address in Google, you'll be asked to confirm this address. This confirmation email will pop up as a new note on your Insights board, so go click the confirmation URL before proceeding to set up your filter!

Image support

Both inline images and attached images are supported.

  • Inline images will be displayed inline in the productboard note.
  • Attached images will be attached to the productboard note and can be accessed in one click.

Multiple email integrations

You can now create multiple email integrations in the same productboard workspace to generate additional email addresses where feedback can be forwarded. Specify the tags that will be auto-applied to notes arriving by way of each address. All notes will appear, pre-tagged, on your Insights board.

This feature is available on the Business Plan.

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