When you invite colleagues to your workspace as new members, use roles to define what they can see and do. Roles can always be updated from the Members page but may affect how much you pay. (We'll notify you if so.)

Paid roles

Maker with admin access: full edit rights on all boards + manage members, integrations, settings, and billing

  • Set up and manage integrations
  • Manage subscription and billing information
  • Invite team members and manage roles
  • Delete workspace and all data
  • Create new Portals and update Portal settings
  • Access to all features enjoyed by makers

Maker: full edit rights on all boards

  • Create/edit/delete features and notes
  • Submit feedback via Chrome extension
  • Leave comments and @mention colleagues
  • View existing integrations (but not configure)

Additional roles

Each plan includes a different number of contributors. Contributors are colleagues who provide user insights and access product roadmaps, e.g. sales and support. 

More info: plans & pricing

Contributor: view-only access on all boards

  • Create and tag new notes
  • Highlight and link insights to related features (only in notes they own or created)
  • Assign ownership of notes they own or created
  • Submit feedback via Chrome extension
  • Review (but not edit) data on Features and Roadmap boards
  • Review Portal if shared with team or made public
  • Leave comments and @mention colleagues

Viewer / Contributor with access limited to Roadmap: view-only access limited to the Roadmap

  • Similar to a contributor but can only access the Roadmap (and the Portal if it has been shared with them)

Heads up! Anyone can download the Chrome extension, but you'll need to have the contributor, editor, or admin role in productboard to use it. (It is not available to viewers or contributors with access limited to the Roadmap.)

Portal users

End users contributing insights and feature ideas via the Portal do not need a full productboard account and don't count towards plan-based contributor limits.

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