• User interviews
  • Feature request emails
  • Support tickets
  • Feature request forums
  • Win/loss analysis
  • Feedback from white-glove customers

That's why we built the Insights board, a central repository for all your ideas, requests, and feedback from colleagues and customers.

Here you can identify interesting insights and link them directly to related feature ideas.

Doing so means you'll be able to use the User impact score on the Features board to see which features would address the most pressing user needs. You'll also be able to see everyone who requested each feature, exactly what they said, and how important it is to them.

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Key takeaways

The Insights board contains a shared team inbox for all your incoming research and user feedback, no matter who submits it:

  • Product managers
  • Support
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • User researchers

And no matter what source it's arriving from:

  • Slack
  • Chrome extension
  • Email
  • Intercom
  • Zendesk
  • Imported from a spreadsheet or CSV
  • Submitted by a customer from the Portal
  • Imported from any of hundreds of other tools by Zapier

You and your colleagues can also create new notes from the Insights board itself.

Highlight key user insights

productboard let's you capture the most important part of each piece of user input and categorize it for easy retrieval down the road.

Consider the typical "note" that's added to the Insights board:

  • Notes from a customer call
  • Email containing feature requests
  • Support ticket with implications for the product team

There's a lot of information there, but each note contains just a few golden nuggets. Highlight these insights and link them to related feature ideas to put them to use during feature prioritization.

You can also link insights to high-level components (if they relate to some broad topic that you don't have any feature ideas for yet) or to subfeatures (if they relate to a specific aspect of some feature).

By linking insights in this way, you'll be able to see everyone who's ever requested each feature, what they said, and how important it is to them. And this same information will be available on components and subfeatures as well.

You can even navigate directly to the original note or source of the note (e.g. Intercom conversation).

Linking user insights to features also automatically adds points to the user impact score, which you can use to sort and filter features on the Features board according to how well they address user needs.

Further categorize insights

You can also tag highlighted insights and entire notes to categorize them in other ways besides what features they relate to or what user need they address.

This is most helpful for easily retrieving certain types of notes on your Insights board, e.g. user-research or churn-reason.

Tag ideas:

  • [<product>] – tag by product or product area to help get the right feedback to the right people for processing.
  • love ❤️ — save positive feedback and compliments from users that product managers and marketers can return to later when looking for customer references & testimonials
  • performance 🛠 — track performance complaints to help PMs, architects, and engineers identify sluggish areas of the product
  • pricing 💰 — identify areas of confusion; log feedback that indicates pricing is too high/low
  • churn-alert 🚨 — track feedback from customers who are struggling with the product to help customer success plan interventions and inform product prioritization
  • loss-analysis 🙈 — track feedback from prospects who decided not to become customers to inform prioritization and product marketing decisions
  • [competitor-name] 🏆 — track users’ comments on other products in your space to inform competitive research and product positioning

Process notes to get to inbox zero

When you're done categorizing a new note, mark it processed so you and your colleagues will know it's been reviewed. Doing so moves the note from the Inbox to the Processed folder.

That way everyone can focus on the new notes arriving that have not yet been reviewed.

Next steps

✅  Add several new notes 

Add some new notes to log several feature requests or pieces of user feedback you've heard recently. 

✅  Highlight an insight and link it to a related feature

Highlight the most important parts of the notes you've created and link them to one or more related feature ideas. Remember, you can create new features on the fly!

✅  Review all integrations with customer touchpoints

See all the integrations productboard offers with popular customer touchpoints like Zendesk and Intercom. Which will you set up right away? You can set up a new integration in minutes and begin consolidating user feedback in productboard.


That just about does it for our intro to the Insights board! Next we'll cover how to share your Roadmap with colleagues to earn buy-in for your plans.

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