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If Slack is your primary channel for communicating with colleagues, chances are you have a lot of feature ideas and feedback floating around in various channels:

  • Sales relaying requests and requirements from major opportunities
  • Support describing common requests, points of confusion, and usability issues
  • Customer success passing on feedback they've heard during recent customer conversations
  • Marketing providing market & competitive analysis

Now you can ensure none of these valuable insights get lost! Push them from Slack to your Insights board as notes, or pre-highlighted insights linked to related feature ideas. 🌟

Slack integration benefits

  • Push messages or threaded replies to your Insights board
  • Configure insights right from within Slack
  • See which Slack messages/replies have already been pushed into productboard and edit insight configurations from Slack
  • Optionally push subsequent threaded replies to a message you've already pushed (they'll be appended to the same note in productboard)
  • Easily navigate between a productboard note and its associated message in Slack

Set up the integration

The world record for configuring this integration is 4.7 seconds.

  • Note that you must have permission to install apps in Slack
  1. In productboard integration settings, by Slack, select [+]
  2. Authorize the integration
  3. Configure who will be able to push messages into productboard

Push messages into productboard

In Slack, hover over a message or threaded reply and select More actions [...], then Push to productboard.

  • Note that you may need to select More message actions... if the option above is nowhere to be found. In Slack, actions are ordered according to frequency of usage.

Next you'll have some (optional) options!

  • Link to feature
  • Indicate importance
  • Add a comment to provide additional context

Configure messages already pushed into productboard

When a message is pushed to productboard from a public Slack channel, all members will see a view-only confirmation.

The person who pushes a message/reply into productboard will see a special confirmation message with additional options:

  • Change Said by: This field represents the person providing the feedback. The field defaults to the person who Slacked the message, but consider updating it to the relevant end user if that information is available).
  • Change Owner: This field defaults to the person who pushed the message.
  • Add tags: Add up to three tags.
  • Create new Said by: If you've never attributed feedback to this person before and there's no corresponding record for that person in productboard, you'll need to use this option.
  • Open in productboard: Navigate to the associated note on the Insights board.

Public channels vs. private channels

When it comes to pushing features to productboard, public channels offer the most flexibility. They allow you to push messages as well as threaded replies. They also support confirmation messages that can be displayed inline, right beside the pushed message.

We're working with Slack to overcome some of the technical differences in the way private channels and direct messages (DMs) work. Read on for the nitty gritty details.

Threaded replies:

  • Public channels allow you to push threaded replies in addition to messages. If you push a message that already has threaded replies, they'll automatically appear in the same note. Subsequent replies will need to be pushed manually but productboard will append them to the same note for you.
  • Private channels and DMs don't support pushing threaded replies.

Confirmation messages:

  • Public channels show message push confirmations (with additional configuration options) inline. Everyone will see a view-only confirmation, but only the person who pushed the message/reply will see additional configuration options.
  • Private channels and DMs show message push confirmations (and additional configuration options) in a special productboard app channel and they'll only be visible to the person who pushed the message. It means others won't necessarily be aware you're taking action on their requests, and it won't be as clear for you to see which messages have already been pushed to productboard.

Current limitations

  • It's not yet possible to create new feature ideas from Slack. You'll need to head to productboard to do that.
  • It's only possible to integrate your Slack workspace with one productboard workspace.
  • It is not currently possible to push Slack blocks into productboard (e.g. blocks created by a bot that facilitates capturing feature requests, or blocks used in third-party app's from Slack's App Directory).
  • Images cannot be pushed from Slack to productboard. When contained in a message that has been pushed, a placeholder is created in the resulting note on the Insights board. You can click the placeholder image to navigate back to the original image in Slack.
  • In Slack's new Shared Channels, only messages/replies pushed by channel owners will arrive in productboard. Other members may see the option to push to productboard (depending on your integration settings) but any messages they push will not be transmitted.

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