In addition to merging features, you can also now duplicate them. Doing so creates a copy of a feature and its associated data – such as its description, linked insights, and data fields (drivers, initiatives, segments, etc.)

If the feature was added to the Portal, its Portal card will not be duplicated.

Likewise, if duplicating a feature that has been pushed to Jira, Trello, GitHub Issues, or Pivotal Tracker (via integration), its duplicate will reside only in productboard until pushed to an integrated tool.

Comments will only be duplicated if this option is selected.

When duplicating a feature with underlying subfeatures, the feature as well as all underlying subfeatures will be duplicated. 

You can also duplicate individual subfeatures.

Still under consideration

Interested in defining templates to help you standardize the way all features are described/specified? See this idea on our Portal.

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