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Time sure does fly! These release notes are over a year old. They may be valuable to some as a historic record, but subsequent updates may have taken place to render content below out-of-date. For the latest articles, see our Getting Started flow and How-to articles.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can now use shortcuts to speed up key actions in productboard!

Type a question mark ? to see all available shortcuts.

The shortcuts that are making power users especially giddy:

  • N to add a new note/feature
  • DEL to delete a note/feature
  • S to process/unprocess a note
  • F to search for a note/feature
  • ESC to close details pane

If you run into any shortcut conflicts, you can disable productboard shortcuts at any time by typing ? and toggling shortcuts off.

Bulk updates for notes & features

Edit many notes and features at once using multi-select, then applying a bulk update:

You can also now shift click to select/deselect a series of notes/features:

Once notes/features are selected, apply any of the following edits in bulk.


  • Indicate who originally provided the feedback (Said by)
  • Apply tag
  • Update owner
  • Add followers
  • Archive
  • Delete
  • Process/Unprocess


  • Move to new place in hierarchy
  • Set new release
  • Apply new tag
  • Add to new segment
  • Add to new objective / change priority within the objective
  • Add to new task
  • Set driver score
  • Update owner
  • Add followers
  • Delete
  • Change status

Tag management

Clean up old or redundant tags with new tag management. Rename, merge and delete tags you've added to notes/features.

Access tag management:

  • On the Insights board, select Tags above the tag cloud.
  • On the Features board: column config bar > MISC > Tags.

Here you'll see a list of all note and feature tags in your project. Select tag names to edit them or use the controls at right to merge or delete.

Filter by integration Task columns

You can now filter for features based on their status in Jira, Pivotal, Trello, or GitHub.

That'll come in handy when you're tracking the progress of features toward delivery, right from within productboard.

Look for these special integration columns under Task columns.

Filter by Release columns

You can now filter for all features added to a given release. This filter is available whether features are arranged by hierarchy, sorted list, release, or status.

Aggregate custom number columns on release

Custom number columns now aggregate at the release level. That's helpful if you're using number columns to represent custom measures of feature value or effort/complexity.

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