With the arrival of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, some customers may request that you remove all data associated with them from the third party systems your organization uses, like productboard. We're here to help you do that.

Use the following API request to entirely delete data associated with particular customers from your productboard project.

How it works

  • Deleting customer data using the API will also delete all notes associated with that customer on the Insights board.
  • In most cases, customer data will be deleted within minutes. In some cases, data may be deleted within 24h of the request.
  • This API is limited to deleting customer data.

Preparing to use the API

  • Only project admins can use the productboard API.
  • To get started, you'll need to generate an API token.

API Request:

DELETE https://api.productboard.com/v1/customers/delete_all_data?email=<email>

Example Request:

$ curl https://api.productboard.com/v1/customers/delete_all_data?email=<email> \
-H 'Private-Token: <Your private token>'

Response messages:

202: Accepted

  • application/json - { "message": "The customer data will be deleted" }

410: The customer no longer exists

  • application/json - { "error": "The customer does not exist" }
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