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Time sure does fly! These release notes are over a year old. They may be valuable to some as a historic record, but subsequent updates may have taken place to render content below out-of-date. For the latest articles, see our Getting Started flow and How-to articles.

Collect more actionable feedback by embedding your Portal and activating SSO

Looking to engage customers with your Portal? Embed it where they already spend their time. It'll be even easier for them to vote on ideas you're considering, review what features are planned, and see what you've recently launched.

To make things even more seamless, enable SSO so users can submit feedback without verifying their identities by email.

Finally, you can now customize the appearance of your embedded Portal by removing the Portal logo, header, and user avatar.

You'll find the new embed options in Portal sharing settings:

Learn more: Embed your Portal

Additional Portal customizations

Embedded or not, your Portal can now be customized to match your brand's primary color and hide productboard branding, in addition to other available settings:

  • Allow users to submit new ideas in addition to voting on ideas you've posted
  • Show/hide number of votes for each idea
  • Remove productboard branding (more info below)
  • Customize Portal primary color

Remove productboard branding from Portal

Removing productboard branding is now offered as a premium feature on the Portal:

  • Conceal "powered by productboard" logo
  • Remove productboard from verification emails (though emails will still be sent from productboard)

Interested in removing productboard branding but not yet on a Scaling plan? Get in touch with a member of our team!  🗯️

Portal favicon

The logo you choose for your Portal is now also used as the web page's favicon.

Custom number columns default to null

And now for some non-Portal updates!

In custom number columns, it used to be you couldn't distinguish the zeros from what was naught at all. All features defaulted to zero.

Now features have no value by default. If you sort a custom number column in ascending or descending order, all values (including zero) will be ranked higher than null values.

GDPR: Delete customer data from productboard

With the arrival of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, some customers may request that you remove all data associated with them from the third party systems your organization uses, such as productboard. Use the following API request to entirely delete data associated with particular customers from your productboard project.

You'll find the information you need on the integration settings page:

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