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Kanban Roadmap: Group features by status

Is your team continuous delivery? Do you spend more time tracking each feature's progress through a series of phases rather than focusing on precisely when it will be released?

Now you can group your Roadmap by feature status and drag 'n drop features between phases to advance them toward completion.

Rely on releases?

You'll still find value in saving at least one view of your Roadmap grouped by status, so you have a handy way of visualizing what stage features are currently in (i.e. status), in addition to when they'll be going live (i.e. release).

Group your Roadmap by status

On your Roadmap, using the column configurations at right, toggle on status.

As with grouping by releases, when grouping by status, you can determine which status values are showing at any given time.

Customize the status values in your project

In project settings, admins can customize a project's status values to match your team's workflow. 

For example, dual-track agile teams might have status values like: 

  • new idea
  • candidate
  • discovery backlog
  • discovery
  • delivery backlog
  • delivery
  • launched

Save multiple versions of your Roadmap

When you arrive at a Roadmap configuration you like, capture it as a new saved view so you can return to it at any time.

Customize the sharing settings of your new view, so it's visible to the right stakeholders.

That's all there is to it! Drop us a line to tell us how you're enjoying the new Roadmap.

Missing something? Fret not! We've got more Roadmap enhancements on the way. ⭐

New Zendesk integration (Early access)

We've rebuilt the Zendesk integration from the ground up to help you automatically route the right support tickets to productboard.

  • Send tickets using new triggers
  • Keep tickets and notes in sync
  • Import ticket attributes like tags and customer info

Ready to give it a spin? Message us on chat.

Learn more: New Zendesk integration

SAML single sign-on (Early access)

You can now automate who can access productboard and with what permissions using your favorite identity provider solution like OneLogin or Okta!

Ready to test out SSO for your organization? Message us on chat.

Learn more: Enforce SAML SSO

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