⚠️ Historic release notes ⚠️

Time sure does fly! These release notes are over a year old. They may be valuable to some as a historic record, but subsequent updates may have taken place to render content below out-of-date. For the latest articles, see our Getting Started flow and How-to articles.

Interested in seeing what our team got up to in 2017? Here's what we got accomplished!

February Release 🌟

Skim search results faster with search term highlights

When you search your Research board for certain terms, those terms will now be highlighted in the search results! We designed it to help you locate the right notes in less time and immediately identify sections of interest.

And WOAH. Is that an OR in a search query? ☝️

️Why yes, yes it is. And that's because you can now...

Use search operators to retrieve research and feedback

When searching for notes on the Research board, use new search operators to improve your results. All available search operators are listed under ❓ in the search bar.

Save views (without fear they'll be overwritten)

Since we introduced saved views, you've been able to capture various column configurations on your Features & Releases boards and toggle between them for quick access to certain types of information.

Now when you select a saved view and then add/remove columns, your view won’t be overwritten unless you decide to save over the original.

Edit email addresses of people who provided feedback

You can now manually edit the email addresses of people who've provided feedback!

Saving emails lets teammates follow up to clarify a user’s need, or notify them down the road when their feature has been shipped. Customers will love the VIP treatment. 🎩

Tags are now included in CSV exports

If you ever need to export research notes out of productboard, you’ll now find two additional data columns for tags applied to notes and to the insights highlighted within those notes.

March Release 🌟

Link feedback faster

A new enhancement will help you link user insights to feature ideas in less time and with greater accuracy. Allow me to explain!

When highlighting an insight, you can now search for the area of the product you'd like to link to and then interact with the results to ensure you're in the right place.

Similar functionaliy in the hierarchy column now makes it easier to move features and components around in the hierarchy.

Undo & delete comments

You can now undo comments recently added to notes/features, and edit/delete prior comments. Because sometimes you don't get the tone right the first time around...

New ways to arrange features on the Roadmap (Labs)

There are two new ways for editors & admins to arrange features for all project users on the Roadmap board:

  • Features: see a flat list of the features to be shipped with each release
  • Initiatives: arrange features by initiatives, which may span multiple releases

These new options will increase Roadmap legibility if you have a deep product hierarchy with many nested components.

More importantly, it will help you build your plans around strategic initiatives, feature groupings organized around a clear objective.

Admins can enable these new Roadmap configurations in Labs.

April Release 🌟

Filter features based on type of linked insights

You can now filter your Features/Releases boards to show features based on what types of user insights have been linked to them from the Research board.

That means you can now answer questions like...

  • Which features were requested in the last 30 days?
  • Which features were deemed critical by one or more users in the past week?
  • Have we reached good enough for product X? Or have users continued to submit critical requests since we shipped the latest enhancements?

Filter for insights rated... shows just those features with one or more linked user insights assigned the selected importance ratings.

Insights created in... shows just those features with one or more linked user insights created during a certain time period. Note that this pertains to the time the link was made, not the time the note was created.

In the feature details pane, the linked user insights that meet filter criteria are emphasized.

Sort features to surface the most promising ideas (Labs)

You can now enable functionality that allows you to sort features in ascending and descending order on your Features/Releases boards. Sorting can be used on several columns:

  • User impact score column
  • Prioritization (Strategy) score column
  • Driver columns
  • Custom number column

The Features board offers a new option for arranging features as a sorted flat list. Any sorts on the Releases board will be grouped within each release.

This feature is brand new! Enable it in Labs to try it out (Private) or make it available for everyone in your project (Team).

Auto-pull fixVersions (Labs)

You can now have any fixVersions created in JIRA automatically pulled into productboard as new releases. This is helpful if not all releases originate in productboard before getting pushed into JIRA, such as a special refactoring release driven by engineering.

fixVersions and releases are still 1-to-1. In the future, you'll be able to map multiple JIRA fixVersions to the same productboard release.

Display owner at product level

You can add owners to products and display their avatars on your Features/Releases boards – just like you can for components and features. That'll help everyone quickly identify who own what product.

Status columns are now "task" columns

Previously we called these things status columns. But what they really show is the set of tasks that must be completed before you can either begin development, or launch a feature. So, we're renaming them tasks.

New Roadmap configurations now available to all

Previously the new Roadmap configurations could be enabled in Labs. Now they're available to all.Β 

On your Roadmap, group each release's feature ideas as a flat list, by initiative, or by component hierarchy.

May Release 🌟

Save views that include filters

You can now create saved views of your boards that capture filters, as well as other board configurations.

That means views containing answers for common tactical & strategic questions will always be one click away. πŸ’Ž

For example, you can set up a view to see an always-up-to-date sorted list of your top-requested features across the past quarter:

Zero in on promising features

We've made another enhancement to help you zero in on the most promising features. In short, our filters have become more strict. Previously when you used multiple column filters, productboard showed you all features that met either criteria. Now features must meet all criteria to be shown.

(TLDR: OR logic ➑️ AND logic)

Here's how combining filters on your boards works now:

July 20 Release 🌟

Our latest updates will help you share your roadmap, manage your kanban/continuous delivery workflow, zero in on the products you care about most, and more...

Export your roadmap to PDF

It's now easier to share your roadmap with stakeholders outside of productboard. On the Roadmap board, just select the print icon and change the Destination to Save as PDF. Learn more

Track the flow of features toward completion

Do you adhere to Kanban or continuous delivery? You'll appreciate this new way to group features by status on your Releases board. (Enable in Labs)

Skim research notes for golden insights

When reviewing feedback, you can now cut straight to the gist by toggling to show only the highlighted user insights a note contains. For each insight, see which features its been linked to and how it's been tagged.

Filter to see just the product areas you manage

Do you work on a team of multiple PMs? Now you can filter your Features/Releases boards to see only those products and areas of a product that you manage.

Contributors can see which features a user has already requested

When submitting a new user insight in the Chrome extension, contributors can see which feature ideas a user has already requested, review their status, and quickly navigate to them in productboard.

This added context could help a support rep better serve a customer who's asking for a status update on a feature they requested in the past. (e.g. in an Intercom conversation)

Review changes to notes and features

See what actions your colleagues have performed on various research notes and features with the new changelog found in note/feature details.

Review *all* of your features sorted in a flat list

Thanks to our newly implemented infinite scrolling, there's no longer a 200-feature limit when viewing features as a sorted list.

See the same formatting in productboard and JIRA

Previously, formatting in feature descriptions appeared... differently... after being pushed to JIRA. Now it's formatted the same way in both systems.

You can now update the status of a feature directly from the board, without opening its details:

Or quickly verify the status of a feature by hovering over its icon:

Help contributors submit valuable insights

If you saw our most recent release, you'll know you can now use the productboard extension for Chrome to collect ideas & feedback from customer-facing colleagues. They'll all end up on the Research board in a special folder for Contributor insights (enable in Labs). Contributors can also now process the research notes they've created.

Learn more

Making products that matter requires a deep understanding of what users need. πŸ”Ž But with so many users out there for every PM, we could all use some help in scaling day-to-day user research efforts.

That got us thinking...

So we got to work. Read on to see what's new!

More insights, less time processing

With the latest update it's now easier for your colleagues on support to submit just the most valuable user insights gleaned from any webpage or web app like Intercom. They can even begin processing them for you.

You'll have that much more information when making product decisions, and you can easily see just those notes submitted by colleagues.

Meanwhile, colleagues will have access to information like who's requested what, without even logging in to productboard. They'll also appreciate knowing their inputs are being put to use.

Get help processing insights

Colleagues can also now process the notes they've created by highlighting and tagging insights. Just invite them into your project as contributors and they'll be able to highlight insights in notes right on the Research board.

August 20 Release 🌟

If you're a b2b product manager, chances are you'll sometimes hear that a certain feature is critical for a customer company but won't know who exactly at the company provided that input. We've got just what you need.

Indicate which *company* provided a piece of feedback

You can now attribute feedback directly to a company, even if you don't know who provided it.

That said, there's nothing like knowing exactly who to follow up with for design research or who to notify when a feature goes live. If you can attribute the feedback to someone, you can add them as well.

Next, see which features matter to which companies by adding Company columns to your Features/Releases boards. (Admins: enable Company columns in project settings.)

Then select a Company's name to view its details, including all of the feedback associated with it.

Given the complexity of enterprise deals, there can be a lot riding on your team's ability to exceed the needs of major accounts. With today's update, we hope you're in an even stronger position to do just that.Bonus ⭐️ You know when you're presenting your roadmap and want to kick things off by sharing what you've shipped recently?
Now you can do that by selectively showing/hiding any release on your Roadmap board, even if it's been marked complete.

Done showing off your latest release? Archive it using the flag icon to hide it from view.

September 20 Release 🌟

Use the new two-way integration to push features into GitHub Issues and track their status right from within productboard.

Learn more πŸ™

Import research/feedback notes from a spreadsheet

Consolidate user research & feedback stored in spreadsheets (or solutions like CRMs or survey tools that support CSV export) by importing them to your Research board as new notes.

More info

Find notes faster

With new advanced search options on the Research board, you can quickly zero in on the right subset of research/feedback notes.

  • Filtering by company is helpful for quickly reviewing feedback from a certain customer company before a big meeting.
  • Filtering by owner helps you see just those notes that you or some other colleague added.
  • Filtering to see only notes from contributors makes it easier for the product team to monitor the user inputs they've sent your way.
  • Filtering by source is a great way to zero in on just those notes submitted through a certain channel, like the Chrome extension.

Notify users when a feature they've requested goes live

Many of you have told us how helpful it would be to easily notify users when features they care about go live. In fact, our team shares this need as well... πŸ™‹Β 

We've got a new feature that'll help. You can now export a CSV containing all the contact details for all who've provided feedback linked to a given feature idea.

From there, use your favorite email client or automation tool to send out the update.Β 

It's a blast to delight your users with exciting news, and there's no better way to show users they've been heard. You'll also get great early feedback before promoting the new functionality far and wide.

Look for the new email export icon beside the Insights section in each feature's details pane...

Drag 'n drop files to attach them to notes/features

Shave off a few seconds each time you upload a mock-up, spec, or meme.

November Release 🌟

Here's what's new

  1. We're renaming the Research board to "Insights", because user research was really just one of many user inputs being imported into productboard.
  2. The Features and Releases boards will be merged into one, simply called "Features".
  3. A new grouping dropdown will give you the ability to view your features: by Hierarchy, by Release, By Status and in a Sorted list.
  4. Look for your boards on the left side of your screen in the new vertical navigation. ️

In Summary

These will be your new boards:

  • Insights – previously named "Research"
  • Features – Β a single board for capturing and prioritizing features, and planning when they'll be worked on
  • Roadmap – the same 'ol roadmap you know and love

Any saved views you had on your Features and Releases boards have now been merged into a single list on your Features board.

December Release 🌟

Introducing the NEW productboard Portal

The Portal is the next big step toward toward fulfilling our vision of better-informed product managers and highly engaged customer communities.

It's a brand new interface that helps you:

  • Validate your ideas by collecting upvotes and feedback
  • Share what's planned to keep everyone informed
  • Celebrate what you've launched to alert users of new functionality and make your team feel proud of what they’ve built

You can even use it to collect brand new ideas from users, that you might not have thought of before!Β 

Learn how in 2 mins... πŸŽ₯

Key takeaways

The Portal is like a bulletin board where you can display ideas that are under consideration, that are planned, or have already been launched.

These ideas are represented in the form of cards that you can add to the tabs of your Portal.

When you're ready, share the Portal with colleagues and customers to collect upvotes and feedback.

Feedback submitted on Portal cards ends up on your Insights board, automatically linked to any related feature ideas.

Learn more

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