Looking to get feedback on which of your ideas might be most valuable and how best to deliver them?

Aiming to share the features that are planned, or were recently launched, to keep your customer community engaged and informed?

The Portal can help.

It's an interface you can share with colleagues and/or customers to:

  • Validate your ideas by collecting votes and feedback.
  • Share what's planned to keep everyone informed.
  • Celebrate what you've launched to make your team proud of all they've accomplished.
  • Allow others to submit brand new ideas or requests.

Whether others submit new ideas or feedback on existing ones, it will all be routed back to your Insights board for you to analyze alongside inputs streaming in from other channels.

And you can now create different Portals for different audiences, customer segments, or products and manage them out of the same productboard workspace.

Get started collecting user insights at scale

The Portal is like a bulletin board for posting feature ideas, represented in the form of cards that can be organized using customizable tabs and subsections.

Behind the scenes, cards are linked to features, subfeatures, or components you've created on the Features board. That way, if anyone votes an idea, that will be reflected on the associated entity on your Features board:

  • If someone uvotes one of your cards, that will be reflected in the associated entity's user impact score.
  • Any feedback users leave on a card will appear on your Insights board, with insights automatically highlighted and linked to the associated entity.
  • Any new ideas users propose will appear on your Insights board, ready to be processed.

Add a new card

From the Portal: Using the [+] icon, select a feature/subfeature/component to add it to your Portal. You can also create a new entity from here, which will be added to your Portal as well as your Features board.

From a feature's details: From the Features board or Roadmap, select a feature to open its details side pane, then select the Portal tab. Select Create portal card, and then post it to one or more Portals. You can also place the card on a particular Portal tab or subsection from here.

From the Features board Portal columns: Add a column for each of your Portals to a view on your Features board. This will allow you to easily add/move features to a new Portal/tab/subsection or review where they're currently placed. (It's not currently possible to update these fields in bulk via multi-select.)

Customize a card

Portal cards allow you to customize a Public Title and Public Description that will be displayed on the Portal card. Add a graphic to illustrate your idea.

Since each card is linked to a feature, subfeature, or component, you can toggle between the details for that entity that only you and your teammates can see and the details that Portal users will be able to see.

Arrange your cards on tabs and subsections

Drag and drop your cards to re-arrange them.

Add new tabs or edit the default tabs to reflect what you plan on sharing on your Portal.

Add new sections to sub-divide tabs by hovering over the blank space above and below your first and last row of Portal cards, then select the [+] icon that appears.

Remove a card from a Portal

You can remove a card from a Portal without affecting its appearance on other Portals. Likewise, removing a card will not delete its associated feature/subfeature/component on the Features board.

  1. Select a card to open its details.
  2. Under Posted to Portals hover beside the name of the Portal in question and select X to remove the card from this Portal.

Move a card from one tab to another

Move a card from one tab to another by selecting it to open its details. Then, beside the name of the Portal in question, click the breadcrumb and choose where to move the card.

Manage multiple Portals

Available on the Team plan and above

You can now create multiple Portals for different products or audiences, all within the same productboard workspace.

  • Start an internal Portal to allow colleagues on sales & customer success to add requests or provide feedback on a more comprehensive set of ideas. They can even do so on behalf of particular customers!
  • Use additional Portals to target customer segments (like SMB vs. enterprise), showing them feature ideas that most relate to their needs.
  • Create Portals for each of several products you manage out of a single productboard workspace.

As usual, all ideas, requests, and feedback submitted to any Portal are routed back to your Insights board. And since the name of each note contains the name of the Portal it was sourced from, search can be used to zero in on notes arriving from a given Portal.

Create, delete, or duplicate a Portal

Makers with admin access can create a new Portal by selecting the existing Portal's name to view all Portals currently in a workspace. Then select Create Portal.

Duplicate or delete a Portal by selecting the menu beside its name:

Add features to multiple Portals

The same feature can be added to multiple Portals, which can be helpful if your customer-facing Portal is a subset of your internal company Portal, or if you have some features that relate to multiple customer segments.

You can review and update this information under Posted to Portals in a Portal card's details.

You can also use the Portals column to monitor which Portals each feature has been added to (see below).

Note that it is not currently possible to customize a card's public name/description for each Portal it's been added to.

Manage your Portals with the Portals column

Use the Portals column to monitor which features have already been posted to one or more Portals, and which tab/subsection it's posted on for each.

This is also great way to add/update many Portal cards in one sitting. (Note that it's not yet possible to add features to a Portal in bulk, as it's necessary to first update the content that will be displayed on each feature's Portal card.)

Selecting Edit Portal Postings opens Portal card details in the side pane, where you can update the card's name/description and which Portals it's posted to.

You'll find the Portals column under MISC. in the field configurations bar.

Customize Portal settings

Add a logo to your Portal, which will also appear on any confirmation emails your customers receive when they vote or submit ideas. 72px by 72px works best.

Makers with admin access will find additional settings under the gear icon:

  • Enable/disable new idea submissions: When new idea submissions are disabled, users will be able to vote on existing cards but won't be able to suggest new ideas.
  • Show/hide number of votes for each idea: Users will see how many have voted on each idea.
  • Remove productboard branding (premium feature): Hides "powered by productboard" badge
  • Customize Portal primary color: Match your brand's color scheme

If you have multiple Portals, the settings for each can be customized independently.

Share your Portal

Check your Portal sharing settings to verify who has access to your Portal. 

Makers with admin access can select any of the following sharing settings:

If the Portal is shared with Company, Anyone with the link, or Public, members with the contributor and viewer roles will see the Portal in the navigation when logged in to productboard.

If you have multiple Portals, the sharing settings of each can be updated independently.

Embed your Portal & enable SSO

Want to bring your Portal to where your users are? Embed your Portal in your website or application.

For embedded Portals, you can also now enable Portal SSO to automatically authorize users who are submitting ideas and feedback, without requiring them to verify their identities via email.

More info: Embed your Portal

Collect votes and feedback

So your Portal is ready to share! Here's what your users will see. 

Behold all your beautiful ideas! 🌈

Users who click a card will see its details, including your public description of the card. 

If they'd like, they can go through will upvoting the idea by rating how important it is to them (required) and an explanation of what need this would solve for them (required).

Submitting the idea requires your end user to provide an email, which we use for verification before sending you their feedback. That's right – if the user doesn't verify their identity via email, their input and vote won't count. All in the name of keeping your boards spam-free!

Users have the added option of setting up a basic account that will allow them to easily access your board in the future, see which ideas they've already suggested/upvoted, and suggest/vote on additional ideas without having to re-verify their identity.

Using the Portal internally with colleagues

If your Portal has been shared (any setting besides Hidden) colleagues invited into productboard as contributors or viewers will be able to access it when logged into the application.

Selecting a Portal card will allow them to submit ideas and feedback on behalf of an end user.

If the Portal is shared on Private link or Public and they are provided the Portal sharing link, they too will experience the Portal as end users.

The resulting insight will be equivalent to the colleague submitting it in the app and attributing it to themselves as the end user.

Note that in many cases it’s best to direct viewers to attribute feedback they’re submitting to particular users by submitting it on the Portal in the app. It’s typically more valuable to know a certain type of customer needs feature X than to know that your colleague Alicia wants feature X. (Sorry Alicia!)

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