Looking to sync with a Jira next-gen project? While you can start pushing features to Jira's latest project type, it is not fully supported at this time. Read on for current capabilities, limitations, and improvements coming soon.


  • You can currently push features from productboard into Jira next-gen projects as usual – push them as epics or stories, depending on your integration settings.
  • When features are pushed to next-gen projects, productboard can still auto-generate a link back to the associated productboard feature, but since Jira next-gen doesn't support global custom fields, for each Jira project you'll need to create a custom productboard URL field and add it to each issue type.


Due to changes in Jira's next-gen API, there are some new integration limitations:

  • Epic/Story relationship: With next-gen, productboard is no longer able to automatically associate stories with their parent epics (and vice versa) when pushing from productboard. You'll need to set up these associations manually in Jira.
  • Statuses: Jira next-gen supports a new type of status which is not reflected in productboard right now. 🔜
  • Fix versions: Typically productboard maps release to Jira fix version but next-gen has no concept of release/fix version at this time. For now, you can only push features to Jira by first removing its productboard release value (setting it to Later). 🔜

Future enhancements

We plan on making enhancements to fully support next-gen status values as well as introducing a next-gen-friendly setting to turn off release/fix version mapping.

We won't be able to support epic/story relationships until Jira makes further enhancements to their next-gen API.

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